Gas Suppression Systems

The purpose of a gas suppression system is to extinguish a fire by suppressing the oxygen levels in the atmosphere that fuel fire. These systems are typically found in areas of critical importance such as server rooms. They are equally used to protect precious and rare items found in museums and libraries.


These systems consist of two parts. The electrical aspect which the is the fire detection and control panel and the mechanical aspect which is the pipe-work, cylinders, nozzles and extinguishing agent.


Defensor can design, supply, install, commission and maintain gas suppression systems from the top manufacturers and offer a complete package of both the electrical and mechanical elements.


An important part of gas suppression systems is the Pressure Relief Venting (PRV). This ensures that the additional volume created by the gas discharged into the room, does not have a detrimental effect on the structure of the room protected.


We also offer room integrity testing to ensure that the room will support the extinguishing agent long enough to be effective.


Advice and quotations are available on Hydrostatic Testing of cylinders in existing installations as well.